Stream Gage Report

Fri May 24 10:23:27 CDT 2019
Gage Height in feet during Previous
Station ID Station Name Date/Time Gage Height
1 Hour 4 Hour 6 hour 12 hour 24 hour

Provisional Data Statement

Data are provisional and subject to revision until they have been thoroughly reviewed and received final approval. Real-time data relayed by satellite or other telemetry are automatically screened to not display improbable values until they can be verified. Provisional data may be inaccurate due to instrument malfunctions or physical changes at the measurement site. Subsequent review based on field inspections and measurements may result in significant revisions to the data. Data users are cautioned to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences. Information concerning the accuracy and appropriate uses of these data or concerning other hydrologic data may be obtained from the USGS.
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